I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m surprised at how many people actually check out this Web site. When I had 1,000 visitors in May, I was amazed, but the site has continued to grow. According to my host, this month I had more than 2,500 unique visitors:

August Traffic

I also use Google Analytics for tracking visitors and other indicators. For example, I can see a geographical represenatation of where my visitors are:

August Visitors

We can also see how many visitors are “new” and how many are coming back. The trend in this graph has been pretty consistent since June:

August Loyalty

None of this should be “secret” info or anything, and, to be honest, I’m very proud that I’ve been able to keep the site growing. I hope Live From Silver City is something you find valuable and worth your time. If you don’t comment directly on posts, I hope you’ll use the “Contact Form” at the top of the site to send any feedback on how I can improve things.

That’s it for now: more later.

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