Coati in a tree

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Sue and Eric Patterson of Unicorn Press called last night to let me know they had a coati up a tree in their front yard:

Coatimundi in a Tree

The Game and Fish Department was hesitant to bring he animal (which appears to be a Pizote or white-nosed Coati) down using a sedative or tranquillizer, for fear the animal would be injured or killed in the fall. More info later.

UPDATE (12:28): Sue Patterson said the coati spent the night in her tree, only scurrying down to grab an apple from their apple tree. New Mexico Game and Fish officer Jon Armijo chased it off earlier this morning, but he said the coati may return for the apples. More pictures from last night below:

Coati in a Tree Coati in a Tree

Update II (3:38): Barb asks why the animal is being “driven off.” Typically, large, wild animals are not a danger unless provoked (from what I understand — I’m no expert). However, they do tend do survive better in the wild, and my experience has shown game and fish types erring on the side of getting the animal back in its natual habitat.

Barb: the Wikipedia article is pretty good, but I will say this guy was very aggressive when he felt threatened. Much hissing and snarling, though he was also quick to run and hide when approached.

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