The U.S. welcomes New Mexico

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Go read two posts over at New MexiKen concerning New Mexico’s entrance as a territory, and, later, a state:

Taylor died July 9 [1850]. Fillmore became president and defused the situation by laying aside New Mexico’s application for statehood. (If Taylor hadn’t gotten gastroenteritis New Mexico could have become a state 62 years sooner!) The resolution came as part of the Compromise of 1850. The boundaries of Texas were established as we know them (poor surveying and meandering rivers notwithstanding). In return, Texas received $10 million in compensation applied toward its debt (worth about $200 million today). The bill also established the territories of New Mexico (which included present-day Arizona) and Utah (which included present-day Nevada and western Colorado). The issue of slavery in those territories was ignored — for then.

Very, very interesting. Read this one first, then the second.

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