Gary King in Silver City today

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I just finished up a meeting with attorney general candidate Gary King. We met at Rejuvenation, the site of more local business meetings than I care to count, for milkshakes and political talk.

Gary told me he was in Grant County to see how an attorney general could better serve residents of the area. He’s meeting with municipal, magistrate and district judges, District Attorney Mary Lynne Newell, and Grant County Sheriff Raul Holguin, along with regular John Q. Citizens.

He said family issues continue to be a concern for residents, while border issues like drug trafficking are blips on the radar for law enforcement personnel. According to King, many rural counties close to the border are not receiving the federal assistance they need to help prosecute border-related crimes and house prisoners. Meth labs were also discussed.

In addition, King cited payday loan issues as a concern. He said he might like to see some oil and gas revenues used to create a guarantee system for micro loans. Such loans, in sums of several hundred dollars, would be issued through traditional banks, which are usually hesitant to finance such small sums. According to Gary, the loan program would be in addition to regulation of the payday loan industry.

Before leaving, King said a focus of his campaign in the closing months would be on experience. With 20+ years as an attorney, and 12 years in the NM Legislature (where he served on the judiciary committee under local legend Thomas Foy), King has the street cred to back up his claims of experience.

Gary is to attend a Democratic Party shindig this evening at the Red Barn.

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