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Kathy Flake has an interesting take on the terror plot, since she’s actually living in England. A former New Mexican, I love to check her blog, What Do I Know, to get a perspective on what’s going on across the pond. Turns out I’m not the only one turning to her lately:

This morning I talked to the BBC radio interviewer, from BBC Berkshire. He asked me about how Americans in general seem to be more jumpy about terrorism than Europeans, after 9/11 (I didn’t mention that 30% of Americans don’t even know which year it occurred) and I responded, “Yes, it’s true, and I’ve always made fun of them for being such Chicken Littles. My attitude’s a bit different today.” (Not really; I still think some fears are silly and overblown. But we were not meant to fly, I’ve always maintained.)

He also had my daughter on the line, who’d just landed in Chicago a couple of hours earlier. She told him about the queues at Heathrow, and about the flight full of tired cranky passengers. After waiting more than 8 hours to board and then sit on the runway, they were in no mood for an over 8 hour flight.

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