Stacked Lightning


Stacked Lightning

I know there are people out there who are saddened that Phelps Dodge will bring down the smokestacks at the Hurley smelter next year. From a photographer’s perspective, I can promise I’ll miss them.

I basically left the shutter open, and caught multiple bolts flashing down upon the area. The above photo was taken near Pinos Altos, as was the one below:

Arenas Valleyt Lightning
Arenas Valley

When the lightning began to slacken, I packed it up, but was greeted by more bolts as I arrived back in Silver City. I headed to Ursa Minor, where the show resumed, again toward the south and Deming:

Silver City Lightning
Silver City

Just for those of you outside of New Mexico who don’t believe the weather we’ve been having. As always, click the images for larger versions.

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