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A few blogs have already mentioned Republican gov candidate John Dendahl’s verbal “misstep” last Wednesday; Jim Baca had a post up earlier this weekend, and it looks like Joe Monahan has followed suit this morning. My gut reaction was simple: why is anyody shocked about it?

According to Kate Nash of the AB Trib, Dendahl said the following when speaking about DWI laws:

“I think that the Legislature understands that statistically, too many people who are repeat offenders happen to have Spanish last names.”

The speaker: GOP candidate John Dendahl, on a KKOB-AM (770) talk show Wednesday that dealt, in part, with the state’s DWI law. Host Jim Villanucci spoke with Dendahl about a range of issues in the hourlong show.

Dendahl went on to say, “And the Legislature will not enact legislation, on the basis (that) `Gee, that would be racist,’ ” according to a transcript of the show.

Were we expecting anything else from this guy?

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