Good news for NM Dem. incumbents

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The latest Rasmussem poll (courtesy of the Carpetbagger Report) shows us what we already knew:

So far, not so good for the GOP. The latest Rasmussen Reports election poll of the contest—conducted a little more than a week after the switch—shows Democratic Governor Bill Richardson leading Dendahl of 56% to 32%.

Another Democratic incumbent, U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman, is also gliding to reelection, currently leading GOP nominee Allen McCullough 59% to 33%.

A few things stuck out for me reading the release over at Rasmussen, notably the 41 percent of voters who view Dendahl unfavorably, and the 30 percent of GOP voters who “sided with Richardson” in the poll. In addition, check this statement on Bingaman’s opponent, Allen McCollough:

Bingaman is viewed favorably by 65%, McCullough by 34%. A whopping 36% say they’re “not sure” what to think of McCullough. And just a few weeks after he won the GOP nomination, even 27% of GOP voters are “not sure” of him.

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