Driving Arizona

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Driving between Safford and Globe, Ariz., today, I was struck by the beauty of the land. I’ve never taken this route to Phoenix, and I was kicking myself for not bringing a camera.

The transition between Globe and Phoenix proper was even more stunning. Beautiful bluffs overlooked the valley, while thunderstorms flanked us on either side. The dust in the air was frustrating, but made us appreciate the scenery that much more when visible.

I had dinner at Chile’s with Jaime and her friend Anthony, who is unusually adept at telling stories. I question the, er, veracity of some of his tall tales, but the meal was good, and the company better.

Sitting down for a DVD, but there is some news this evening: Hal Stratton, the chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is stepping down. I heard my friend and fellow blogger up north, Joe Monahan, has the scoop on Stratton, who is a former New Mexico attorney general.

Hal is a friend of the family, and the CPSC is losing out in his resignation.

Also, be sure to check out Heath’s blog, where he�s reporting on the New Mexico regional housing authority. Good stuff there.

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