Silver City Turnout

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I took a page from the Haussaman playbook and toured six Silver City polling places this afternoon between 4 and 5 p.m. It seems as though things are a lot better here than in Las Cruces. Though I didn’t make it to all of the 35 locations, nor any in the Mining District, Tyrone, Cliff or Mimbres, these six precincts should give us a good idea of how turnout will shape up in Grant County. I also expect these numbers to go up as people vote on their way home from work, though the heat might keep some folk away from the polls.

Click the image for a largr version. Long story short, highest turnout I saw was 18.6 percent at La Plata Middle School, precinct 15. The lowest was at Jose Barrios — precinct 12 — with 12.2 percent. On average, there was 13.5 percent turnout at the six districts. Coupled with 6 percent from early voting, and two more hours of voting, we might hit 25 percent in the county, which would be great.

Also, an update on my earlier post. Silver City Mayor James Marshall called to let me know the Secretary of State’s office was performing a live test of the system this morning. That’s why we saw numbers for some of the races and counties. Thanks, James.

Stay tuned this evening as I blog the returns here in Grant County, and tune in to cable channels 17 or 19 for our live election coverage on Community Access Television of Silver City. We begin at 7 p.m.

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