Net Neutrality update

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From MyDD I see the House Judiciary passed a Net Neutrality bill that actually makes sense. Good for them. I know they’re going to have a struggle pushing this through the whole House, but I’m glad to see some progress being made.

As I’ve said before, Net Neutrality is a fundamental principle for the Internet, and for the new ways in which people access information. Computer access to the Web is one thing, but we’re seeing phones, PDAs and car navigation systems getting online now. What happens when proprietary formats take over, or when your cell phone provider decides you shouldn’t be able to access MySpace?

Telecommunications companies preach to us that new services will tax their systems, and this is the basis for their argument for regulating the way we get online. I’m more concerned about the methods of access we haven’t thought up yet, and ensuring those technologies have a viable path to customers and consumers. Besides — we’re already paying to get online: why should we let our ISPs tell us what to do once we log on?

UPDATE: Re: Wilson’s comments below, I’d just link to this article on CNN, entitled “Coming Soon: The Web Toll.”