Salt of the Earth screening in ABQ in two weeks

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This seemed like a good time to post this, considering all the work being done to establish a union at Western New Mexico University:

The seldom seen and controversial independent film, Salt of the Earth, will be screened at Albuquerque’s Guild Cinema on May 1-4, accompanied by panel discussions and more. If you’ve never seen this movie, you’ve missed an important, powerful film. If you have, this is a good chance to see it again in the company of other good people.

Filmed in New Mexico in 1953-54, during the height of Senator McCarthy’s witch hunt, Salt of the Earth is an earthy and factual look at union action in the face of a mining company’s brutal treatment of its Hispanic workers. Rare for its time, the movie takes a pro-feminist tack in highlighting the courage of women on the picket lines. It’s based on actual events at a 1951 miners’ strike against Empire Zinc that took place in Bayard, near Silver City, NM. Many strike participants acted in various roles in the film.

From Democracy for New Mexico.

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