DCF: “Who is Jim Spiri?”


This is from up north, but has a Silver City angle. Jim Spiri, the father of one of my best friends from high school, is apparently running as an independent in the District 1 congressional race. He’s up against Heather Wilson and Patricia Madrid. Check the “Fix” for the scoop:

After Ms. Madrid left, DFNM asked Mr. Spiri to speak. Who the hell is this guy?

He spoke very well and was much more eloquent and prepared than either Heather Wilson or Patricia Madrid. While I have to admit to serious reservations, if this fella is not a delusional con man and can speak well to all issues, I have to say he’s suddenly got my interest. Maybe it’s time for a street scrapper that’s going to get it done for the folks he/she represents rather than the lawyers and Rhodes Scholars who lately are getting it done for everybody but us.

The story of what happened to Jim’s son, Jesse, is a tragic one. He was a good friend of mine, and he and his family were not treated as well as they should have been.

I know nothing of Jim’s campaign, other than what I saw there at the Duke City Fix. Maybe somebody out there can tell us more?

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