I should have done this yesterday

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Just wanted to send some props to my friend Amanda over at Pandagon. Regulars around here know how much I respect her writing on women’s issues. However, you probably don’t know how much of an impact she’s had on me, as a blogger and person.

I’ve had my share of friends in life, but Amanda was somebody who, when I first sent her an e-mail, was instantly responsive to my questions. Sha had no idea who I was, and had no reason to get back to me, except she’s a great person. And now, from a thousand miles away (or something like that), this person I’ve never actually met has become one of my best friends. She’s always there for me when I’m stressed, and always has the best insight in things going on in my life.

To boot, she’s a kick-ass blogger: witty, thorough, and passionate.

I doubt she know’s it, but I was reading Mouse Words before I started reading Pandagon — it wasn’t until she moved to her new cyber-home that I became a loyal minion of the Panda. I think the move was a good one, and think Pandagon is better for it.

Anyway, she’s celebrating two years of blogging this weekend, so, Happy Birthday Amanda. I hope there are many more in the future.

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