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I’ve tossed some new linkage over the on the New Mexico blogroll: DemFemme. Maggie Toulouse is our writer, a career “political activist” who blogs on the progressive side of things in New Mexico.

Maggie appears to be taking a break this weekend, but she has some excellent coverage of last weekend’s Democratic Party convention:

Why is this a story? Well, I guess it’s maybe because we haven’t had much in the way of a real platform for so long that people are finally starting to take notice. Republicans are having a field day with it, of course. Apparently, in the article, Republican state party chairman Allan Weh waxes eloquent about what “mainstream Democrats” believe. As if he has the first clue? No offense, but he is about the last person on Earth who should try and speak for Democrats of any kind. But I digress again…

The fact that this is the big story out of the convention is both good and bad. If you believe Weh’s take on the thing, a crazy mob of lefty freaks passed this unconscionable amendment giving mainstream Democrats a bad name. The truth of the matter is that I think what we are really seeing is that the Democrats are tired of not standing for anything.

So, got check out DemFemme, and spend the weekened catching up!

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