D.C. Trip review

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Flying Star DowntownSo, a little bit more about my trip. I awoke early last Thursday to grab a bite of breakfast with Jim Baca. We met at the Flying Star Downtown, which is a great building with some delicious blueberry pancakes. Props to the gang there!

Jim and I talked about politics, mainly here in Southern New Mexico, and about the future of news media. Specifically, we discussed the ways newspapers might have to change in the future, and how blogs have developed over the last few years.

After taking a lengthy drive around the Albuquerque area in search ofGail Chasey a Best Buy, I met up with Joe Monahan. We grubbed at Yanni’s on Central, which is apparently quite the politico hangout. Our discussion focused on many of the same issues I had covered with Baca in the morning: media ownership, blogging, local sports coverage. It was a good discussion, and I’m glad I had an opportunity to finally meet the guy. He also introduced me to a few folk who were eating at nearby tables, including N.M. Rep. Gail Chasey and Barry Bitzer, Abq. mayor Marty Chavez’s chief of staff.

After lunch, I caught a flight out to Chicago. The flight was a bit delayed, but all that meant was I had no layover in the Windy City. From Chicago I was off to D.C. I grabbed a pulled pork sandwich from the Capitol City Brewing Co. in Shirlington, Va., along with a pint of ale with my mom.

V for VendettaOn Friday I met with a few friends up on Capitol Hill to shoot the breeze, and then it was time to help my sister move. We got most of the big stuff piled into her Dorchester House apartment on Friday, leaving us free for dinner and movie after. We watched V for Vendetta, (see Pajiba for their review). I was entertained, though the editor could have been more useful. Still, a timely theme, and the Wachowski Bros. are still able to turn out a decent flick.

Saturday we slept in, and then my mother, sister and I all drove down to the Potomac Mills outlet mall in Virginia. It’s been three years since Aislinn had her own place, so we hit up the JC Penney’s and bought her a set of dishes, cooking utensils, mixing bowls, and iron and a toaster. We next stopped at Fuddruckers there, ate a burger, and headed home.

Aislinn went to get a few things from her old place, while my mom and I watched Head in the Clouds (another movie that needed an editor). Aislinn joined us, and we ended up staying in and watching a second DVD, Domino (which, again, ran too long).

Sunday was a treat. We moved the last of Aislinn’s things, including a chest that had been at my mom’s, and then stopped at the National Zoo to see the new panda cub. The cute little thing had climbed a pine tree and was lazing around for the photogs who were there early to beat the crowds.

Flying Star DowntownAfter, we drove downtown to the Corcoran Gallery of Art for breakfast. They feature a brunch buffet and Gospel music every Sunday, with entrance to the gallery included in the admission price. We all gorged ourselves on the excellent waffles, omelets, fruit, French toast and other fare, listened to some beautiful music, and then toured the gallery. The Corcoran is featuring a retrospective on Robert Bechtle which was simply amazing. Wow. In addition, the gallery was showing a series of prints from David Seymour, the renowned photojournalist.

From there, it was off to the airport. You can read more about that in the post below.

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