Living With the Consequences: A Nicaragua Photo/Testimony Project

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Paul Dix and Pam Fitzpatrick share the histories of 20 of these Nicaraguans through a one hour slide and testimony presentation.

For more than a century the US has intervened in the political, economic, and social policies of Nicaragua. In the 1980’s the US supported a proxy army in Nicaragua, the “contras,” with the objective of coercing the civilian population to oust the Sandinista government. During those years Paul Dix and Pam Fitzpatrick both worked to change US policy in Nicaragua; Paul as a photographer in Nicaragua from 1985 to 1990 and Pam as director of the North Pacific office of Witness for Peace from 1985 to 1993.

During the past three years Paul and Pam twice returned to Nicaragua for a total of 13 months to search the country for some of the people Paul had photographed in the 1980’s and to document the physical and psychological scars that victims of the contra war must continue to endure in their daily lives. With uncanny luck and the gracious help of many Nicaraguans, they succeeded in locating the majority of individuals that they hoped to find.

Wednesday, February 22, 6:30 PM at the WNMU Global Resource Center
Free Admission – Donations Appreciated

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