Joe Monahan podcasting?

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He doesn’t it call it that, and it remains to see how this matures on his blog, but it sure looks to be that way:

Welcome to my audio blog. As the election season heats up, we will have ongoing coverage in a variety of media. Now is a good time to again audio blog, especially on Friday when I usually don’t post. It’s another service we are glad to introduce to New Mexico which has ben so supportive of our continuing coverage. Enjoy today’s edition and look for more on future Friday’s.

Now let’s go directly to the floor of the NM House of Representatives for an insider report from one of the lawmakers as the Capitol prepares for the last minute rush before Thursday adjournment…

Dude is on the cutting edge! Anyhoo, you should be checking his place out anyway, but, regulars will not the abnormal Friday post. Still, I wanted to include a link.