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Via Democracy for New Mexico, I see that New Mexico Matters is once again looking into the polls, and not liking what they find:

So if Americans have given into cynicism regarding politics, what does it matter if the Abramoff scandal is about Republicans and the Vigil scandal about Democrats? If you’re Uncle is one of those guys that responds to indictments of public officials with the casual “what did you expect? They’re all crooks” comment, when will the age old issue of corruption in politics become important enough for him to vote if he never has before? What will it take for that person to reconsider their level of political involvement?

Does Corruption Matter? Taking a look at the numbers
Does Corruption Matter? Part 2
CBS News Poll shows Congress has reached lowest job approval ratings since 1996

Great stuff, and, as they say over at Democracy for NM, check New Mexico Matters in the morning for the best news clips and links.

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