Election Results?

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One of my duties as News Director for my radio station is to broadcast election results from the County Clerk’s office as they come in from precints. Tonight I was broadcasting results from the 2005 School Board Election.

It’s been a long night. We only have five “districts” in the entire school distric, and only three school board seats were being contested. However, people in the district with the closest race were told that they couldn’t vote in that district, and instead had to go to another district. The race was decided by a mere 19 votes. The loser was, obviously, quite upset, and will most likely appeal the election.

In another district, one of the candidates filed for candidacy in the wrong district. He didn’t get many votes, but even if he had won he would have been unable to hold the school board seat.

So, out of three school board races, only one went off without a hitch. Wow.

I’m out.

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