I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaack! vol. II

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It?s like d?j? vu all over again! Yes, after a seven month hiatus ?rants/raves? has returned. Let the trumpets sound and the women dance and the children sprinkle their rose petals (that?s still SOP, right?) as the people rejoice.

Much has changed since the last post. Stasistech.com is no more, and I have no idea what will become of the domain name (if you browse the archived entries on the right and see a link to an ?article? know that it won?t be there). I spent the beginning of the summer working as an intern for US Senator Jeff Bingaman. Upon my return I was hired as the News Director for KNFT radio. In addition, I took on a leadership role in something called the American Democracy Project.

I?ve been busy.

I lost my best friend over the summer as well. Granted, I had been in love with her, and things hadn?t worked out, but really, she filled a role in my life that had never been filled before. And the last several days have left me wondering, and wandering.

I?ve been confronted by a realization: the way we see others can never fully be conveyed to somebody else. As much as I sought help and advice from my friends, they never did (and never will) know the ?rest of the story? (as Paul Harvey would say). And I came to this realization after observing people in similar circumstances.

When I came back from D.C. my friend had just been dumped. Now, I know both parties, but I?m partial to the gal, because I know her better. We ended up spending a few weeks together, sometimes laughing, sometimes with her head on my shoulder as she cried. She was a mess.

And through it all, she completely trashed the guy. I mean, she didn?t pull any punches. As I was only getting one side of the story I completely thought the guy was scum. For starters, this girl is amazing: she could have any guy she wanted, and he doesn?t want to be with her? What a jerk!

Then, last week, they got back together, and everything is suddenly OK.

I guess that?s how things are. The situation I described is incredibly similar to the story of another friend. And I realize that we?re all that way. As much as I dissed on this girl that broke my heart, I still consider her one of the finest people I?ve ever met. These last few days I?ve also come to know how much I miss her. I don?t get e-mail anymore, since she?s not writing me. I don?t have a phone call to look forward to every night, or every weekend for that matter. She wanted me to need her, and I do now more than ever.

I see her the same way my friend saw her ex: with prejudice. Sure, we talk the talk, but we don?t walk the walk. We can never see the bad things people do, or if we do, we choose to ignore them. And you know what they say: ignorance is bliss.

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