I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

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Well, it?s been quite some time since anything?s been done here on the Stasistech Network. With my budding journalism career, and Archon?s potential move out of town, there hasn?t been enough time in either of our lives for this ?trivial? website stuff.

Lately, things have been busy in my life to be sure. But recently, I?ve felt an inclination; a feeling that I?ve been missing something in my life. Maybe I miss my family and friends knowing what?s going on with Avelino. Or, maybe I need the relief from stress that I see when I do write here. Or, maybe my work with The Mustang, which requires a balanced approach to the news, has left me in the dark. I might just miss the opportunity to write whatever the heck I want, without worrying about the topics, or the writing style, or whether my sarcasm will offend somebody.

There?s been a lot going on in my life since I last wrote here. And, while there have certainly been a number of developments, I?m still the same liberal cynic who still chooses to be optimistic about the direction in which our society is headed.

For example: the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship. Governor Bill Richardson recently announced that he wanted to shift the Scholarship in a way that would benefit need based students. In its current incarnation, the Lottery Success Scholarship doesn?t touch on need based students in anyway ? I think the criteria boils down to residency and GPA.

However, the amount for federal funding for need-based initiatives has dropped sharply in recent years, as the national economy has slowed. That means students expecting need-based funding on a national level can expect something like 47% less than they could just 2 years ago.

So, why do I bring all this up? Well, the student government here at WNMU, the Associated Students, has teamed up with the student governments of several other universities in the state to lobby against the governor changes. Their basis: they believe that they?ll be losing the scholarship if it goes to a need-based system. And turns out, guess what: they won?t!!

Anyhoo, that sort of thing always gets my chaps in a bunch (or something like that). I?m sure our regular readers (all two of you) know this and expect it by now. But, I thought I would toss some thoughts down, since it would be ?inappropriate? to do so in my legitimate rag.

I went for a bike ride on Friday night, such as I haven?t done in over three years. I met up with my old friend Jonathan ?Froof-Dawg? Mullen in Las Cruces, and we decided to go ride our bikes around campus. At 2:00 in the morning. Yes, a night ride is a special thing, and nothing can punctuate how special more than the Star Spangled Banner, bellowed out in the middle of a University dorm complex at 4:00 AM. Sure, the R.A.s were a little upset, but nobody shot us, and the campus population of cats didn?t join in, so I guess we weren?t that bad.

The next afternoon I went for another ride with Jonathan, along with my very good friend Joshie and his roommate Joseph. Yes, I rode with three guys whose names all begin with the letter ?J.? We took a spin around ?A? mountain (I guess that was for me, since there?s no ?J? mountain in Las Cruces? and I was reminded of how pitifully out of shape I am.

But, the ride was magnificent. Climbing up the little switchbacks around here is fun, and there?s some great downhills all across the Silver City area. However, nothing is quite like that technical trail in Las Cruces. The climbs were insane, patched with basketball sized rocks everywhere. There were some definite technical sections of downhill trail as well ? the backside of the mountain contains a few spots that are positively tricky if you?re not paying attention. In fact, I crashed out pretty hard, though on one of the tricky climbs ? I managed the downhill sections OK.

But, this weekend?s bike rides did serve to remind me why I love the sport so much. Why, no matter how out of shape I am, I still struggle to get up on the saddle again and finish out that last section of trial. You can get Bike magazine and read all the sappy letters about the beauty of nature, or the companionship of friends, or the exhilaration of a nice set of singletrack. But for me, it all comes down to one thing ? out there, you?re on your own. Just you and the bike, fighting the trail to find your way home.

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