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Well, Avelino is sick. I?m not sure what I have going on, but my throat is just a wee-bit tender, and I have a little fever. Yes yes, I know it?s not the end of the world, but you could show just a little compassion.

I?ve received a pretty good response for my ?Mysogination of the Western Male? article. Then again, I doubt that anybody who reads my site in the first place would be of a mind to disagree anyway. Regardless, I?ll say once more that I had a great time writing that one. Maybe I?ll make that a series here: taking apart a load of tripe that somebody else wrote, exposing its flaws and errant thinking. Hmm?

I have to feel bad for my Mom, though, when I recommend an article like ?Mysongination.? Not because she would take offense to the article itself. She thought it was funny. No, I feel bad because she comes by and probably sees the headline which reads ?Headstart Stuck in Bush-Gear.? Then, I see the sequence of events as something like this:

She looks at the monitor in disbelief. She asks herself how things could have gone so wrong. She thinks, ?I?m a smart woman. How did I manage to raise two kids who are not only Democrats, but Liberal?? That?s when the helplessness and despair sets in.

OK, that might have been a little overdramatic, but you get the general idea.

Next week is a big week for me. My student club/organization is going on a trip to Las Vegas. We?re going to participate in a mock United Nations. Our school is representing four countries: Palau, Guyana, the Dominican Republic, and Paraguay. The issues chosen for discussion this year look interesting: intellectual property rights, arms control, African development. I?m definitely looking forward to it all.

The conference takes place in Las Vegas, a city I?ve visited before but not exactly on my own terms. Let?s just say I wasn?t of age during my previous trip to the Sin City. And while I?m not planning on spending all my free time sitting in front of a slot machine, I do plan on checking out some of the gambling areas. I want to try out some craps action: my grandpa was incredibly good at it, and I?d like to see if that might have been passed on to me somehow.

Regardless, I won?t have regular access to my comp here. However, since I can update news posts and blog entries from any computer hooked to the ?Net, I?ll try and keep everybody informed. If Archon will let me borrow his camera, I?ll be more than happy to show you some pictures as well.

OK, I just popped some Nyquil. I?m gonna crash.

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