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This evening I experienced a little bit of nostalgia. I call it that, though it more closely resembled home-sickness. However, since I?m in Silver City now, and I was born and raised here, I don?t know if I can call it home-sickness. Oh, heck, whatever. I experienced it. The reasons are two-fold, I think.

Before we talk reasons, background is in order for some people. In 2001 I moved from Silver City to Sunnyvale, CA, located near San Jose. For those who have never really been to San Jose, it?s part of what people call the ?Bay Area.? San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland are the major centers. However, the whole area is populated, and Sunnyvale is a fairly large city that shares its borders with San Jose and several other cities, to create one large metropolitan area that stretches right up to San Francisco. I lived there in Sunnyvale until the winter of 2002, when I moved back to Silver City.

Now that the background is out of the way, we can move on to the reasons. First off, I recently received an e-mail from my best friend out there, Christine. Christine and I worked together at She recently married a real stand-up guy, and she sent me a link to a photo-album of their honeymoon in Hawaii. And, while the pictures of Hawaii certainly didn?t make me nostalgic for the Bay Area, seeing my old friend (whom I haven?t seen since November of 2002) really made the heart go thump. She helped me overcome my initial apprehensions and hesitations about being in the big city, and was there for me in one of the more trying times of my life. A true friend, I miss her immensely, though we try and keep in touch via e-mail and AIM.

Additionally, I caught the last five minutes of ?Sweet November? on TV, this evening. While you can say what you will about the movie, seeing the sites of San Francisco was something. I only visited San Francisco a few times while I was there, but the city was fantastic, especially for a liberal like me. I really think the city is under-rated, in a historical context, as a cultural center for many of the movements in the 60s and 70s which brought about so many good changes to our society. That?s just my opinion of course, but then again, that?s what this site is all about.

Regardless, I really miss living in the Bay Area. I miss being able to order my lunch online and have it ready at the restaurant when I get there. I miss being able to see whatever movie I wanted to on a particular weekend. I miss the variety of food, the sports loyalties, and Fry?s Electronics. I miss driving over the Bay on a clear day, and seeing the coastline for miles around. I spent only a year there, and know that I didn?t see nearly enough of what the area had to offer. I never made it to a vineyard for some wine, or went to Tahoe to go skiing, or saw the aquarium at Monterey.

As I sit here at home, and I think of all the time I?ve spent recently playing SWG, my life kind of comes into perspective. I?ve lived here in Silver City most of my life, and I?ve yet to explore all there is to see here. I?ve not biked in the Burros, nor have I been to an astronomy night at the City of Rocks. And the more I think about it, the more I know I?ll move back to the Bay Area when I have a chance. Sure, the rent is pricey as all heck, but really, it is worth it.

And the more I realize I?ll be moving back there one day, the more I realize that I need to spend more time doing things here besides sit in front of a computer screen playing a video game. I want to get more active in the political science club I was supposed to join four weeks ago. I want to hang out with some of the people I?ve met on campus this semester. I want to get back on my bike, I want to pick up my tennis racket again, I want to cook dinner like I haven?t done in two months. In short, I want to explore, I want to get involved, I want to get back into shape.

It won?t be easy. I?m lazy by nature. I?ve tried changing in the past, unsuccessfully. But, I?m gonna give it the old college try this time around, and hopefully, the results will be good. I?m optimistic. I hope you are too.

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