Food Is Good

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Howdy again, and welcome to Avelino?s Happy-Action Fun-Time Hour-Thingy™! No, just kidding, there?s no fun to be had here. Or “happy-action,” whatever that is. Only sorrow, misery, and pain. Lot?s of pain. With the poking, and the stinging, and the hmm-hey.

Alrighty, now that I got that nonsense out of the way, I want to take a moment to wish my Mom a happy birthday. Why not send her a quick little “Happy B-Day E-mail?” You could thank her for having such a wonderful son, who takes time out of his day so that you can have a few laughs. Yes, I know, I?m always motivated by selfish reasons. I can?t help it, I was raised that way.

The WNMU Football Team has their home opener this weekend, on Saturday, to be specific. I?m looking forward to watching my first game in the new stadium, and taking a few pictures for The Mustang. I?m considering the Editor?s position with that publication, trying to determine if I can fit it in to my schedule, decide whether it would be worth my while. I?m sure that if I did take on the workload my time here would be drastically reduced, and that has as much bearing on my decision as any other factor.

Might be heading out to Meadow Creek this weekend, with a few new friends. We?ll see how it goes. Hopefully I can borrow Archon?s camera again, so I can take some pictures out there. Meadow Creek is usually beautiful this time of year: lot?s of flowers, and some decent water running in the waterfall. If so, it?s swimming time. I?m gonna take the Banana Dog, and if anybody has a problem with that they?ll just have to sit in the bed of the truck and contemplate their miserable existence. And let me assure you: it will be miserable.

I?ve taken a liking to the caf? located on WNMU?s campus. They sell these fatty sandwiches made with focaccia bread. For those of you not in the know (would you stop that, by the way), focaccia is an Italian flat bread seasoned with a variety of herbs. The focaccia that comes as a hot sandwich at the caf? is conspicuously not “flat,” but that didn?t lessen my appreciation for it by any measure. Lemme tell you, those be some tasty sandwiches.

My cousin invited me to Jalisco?s for lunch today, so I had better get going. This will mark the second time in a week I?ve been invited to Jalisco?s, and I can assure you it is not helping me stay fit and trim. Not that I am either fit or trim, but that?s besides the point. Their chicken tacos are perfect for dipping in ranch. As I?m sure you?re all aware, ranch dressing is the ultimate condiment. Those in disagreement should seek professional services at their local mental health center.

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