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Well, I had a busy weekend. Posted a few articles, watched a few volleyball games, went for a hike, and hit the books again Monday. I?m eagerly looking forward to today?s release of Dave Matthew?s solo album Some Devil. I?m gonna go pick up a copy and see what I can do about getting a review posted before the day is out. I?ve heard a few of the songs already, and they seem spot-on-Dave. So, if you like that sort of thing, this should be a great addition for you. If you?re not yet into Dave Matthews, well, I’m not sure what to say. I could point out that you’re missing some of the best music out there, or make some feeble comment about the size of your brain (which is incredibly small), but that won’t get you to listen to the music. So, I’ll just suggest you check it out.

Class was interesting yesterday, in that we were talking about Benjamin Franklin. Now, I?m all for our founding fathers, trust me. But my English Professor seems to be in love with Franklin. Maybe I?m reading a little too much into things, but when a guy calls Franklin the quintessential _______ a total of seven times, I have to wonder if he’s presenting the material in an objective manner.

I also learned yesterday that we don?t have class today. Which, of course, is fine by me. So, I think the Banana Dog and I will go for another hike, maybe try and snap some shots of Silver City, and WNMU in particular, from a location that isn?t as far from town as Gomez Peak.

Well, not much else going on. The WNMU Volleyball Team is playing again this evening. I?ve seen three home matches since Friday night, and I must say, they seem to have a solid squad. I?m no expert, but they play some decent defense, and have some very capable attackers. The Recruiting Class (freshman, for those of you not in the know) seems poised to add a lot of depth to an already functional team.

And yes, I?m aware that just I used the word ?functional? to describe a group of young women who play volleyball. I know, I?m a weirdo.

No good movies are showing in town, and nothing really coming out on DVD either, so this is shaping up to be another week of Galaxies and outdoors stuff. I?m hoping to convince Archon to come for a hike this weekend, either to Meadow Creek or the Catwalk, so we can get in the water a bit. We?ll just have to see, I guess. Otherwise, I might have to hit up some other friends, as long as they don?t mind hiking with the coolest pooch alive. Anyhoo, I?m out.

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