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OK, you folks reading this are in for a treat sometime soon. Archon is finishing up the ?dark? theme over on the main page, and lemme tell you: it is the shit. Do you remember how cool Star Wars was when you saw it? I was amazed, as a little kid, I know that. And then you saw Empire Strikes Back, and you said, “Well now, I guess I didn?t know what the hell ?Cool? was, because that was WAY better than the first movie.” Well, that?s how I feel about the new ?dark? theme. I got to see a little preview, and I almost decided to leave the computer on all night so I could wake up to it tomorrow morning.

Anyhoo, I had a pretty good day. I learned what ?didactic? and ?anachronism? mean. For instance, this blog entry is didactic in that I?m educating you on how cool the ?dark? theme is. Additionally, this blog entry is anachronistic in that I don?t usually do a blog entry two days in a row. Reviewing the blog archives, the last time that happened was April 2nd.

This has something to do with my whole “Maybe I should actually write in my blog” mantra. Maybe ‘mantra’ is too strong a word, but I?m feeling a little revival in regards to this whole website thing. Archon is getting busy with the main site, and I don?t want to be left in the dust, so to speak. Also, I was looking through some old stuff, and I found this wonderful bound journal that a dear friend gave to me. On the inside she wrote: “You type way too much so I figured you could use some writing. This is for your rainy days.”

Truly, this is one of the most meaningful gifts I?ve ever received. I do spend a lot of time at the computer typing, and reading those words that my friend wrote, I decided to get busy writing. While the journal is still blank (I can?t bring myself to write anything in it) I thought that I could at least do what she asked of me, as near as possible.

I was thinking earlier about the incredible ways in which the Internet has improved our lives. Of course there are pros and cons about everything, but in the long run I think it would be hard for anybody to present a winning argument on why the Internet is a ?bad thing.? My train of thought drifted earlier to thoughts of friends all over the place. I have friends spread across New Mexico with whom I keep in contact. In addition, there are friends in the San Jose area, a friend up in Pennsylvania, a new friend in Florida, and of course my Park Service buddies in Flagstaff, AZ and Mesa Verde, CO. And I keep in touch with them mostly via the Internet. And it was good.

Well, sorry, no witty or truly insightful comments this time around. I have no idea what I?m going to do for a “Quote From Latest Blog Entry” this time around. Guess I?ll have to fudge it.

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