Weekend Update

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Well, I had a wonderful weekend. Fun, and eventful, though not necessarily in that order. The highlight of the weekend had to be the visit by the State, County, and Local Police forces to Archon?s neighbor. Yeah, we were kicking back in his house, watching The Big Lebowski and drinking White Russians when we heard this commotion outside. Archon, said he?d inform everybody about it on the main site (we?ll see about that) but for the moment, I?ll let you know that there was swearing and a 2-by-4 involved.

And of course, we?re into the second week of football season. While I am anything but a die-hard fan, I do enjoy watching the game, and I have a favorite team. Now, a little back-story is needed here. My grandmother is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. My uncle, and his family, are Cowboys fans as well. However, my Dad and the rest of his brothers and sisters are Raiders fans. That?s right, the Black and Silver.

So, in this context, you might realize that football would create a little family, er, tension, as it were. For example, we?d often bag on my grandma or uncle for a Dallas loss, or make jokes about a Dallas player being caught with drugs. As it happened that Dallas has been losing a lot the last few years, and their players kept getting arrested, we had ample opportunity to express our views. To make matters worse around the family, an uncle who is in the Raider camp is a DJ for one of the local radio stations. Any chance to publicly mock the Cowboys did not go unobserved by him. While I say all this, keep in mind that things rarely got out of hand, and for the most part everything was done in jest. Aside from that one time when my grandma told us all to get out of the house, things have been civil.

This year, however, things are likely to be different. My grandmother has expressed resentment towards the Cowboys for trading away Emmitt Smith. While she still remains a fan, her enthusiasm for the team has slid a little bit. Additionally, us Raiders fans are focusing on the enemy: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We were switching back and forth between the Raiders-Bengals game and the Bucs-Panthers game this evening. And let me tell you, we were rooting just as much for the Panthers as we were for the Raiders. When the Panthers blocked their third kick, we were up in out of our seats, hooting and hollering. And I looked around at my family of Raiders fans, and said, “Never before in history have we rooted this much for another team.” And everybody agreed.

School is definitely having an impact on the time I can devote to the site here, or Galaxies, as Archon or my new friend Phaedra can attest. I simply have so much to read, and so much research to do, that I?m daunted by things. And Galaxies is so tempting, that I just find myself always drawn into the world when I have free time. Which is why I?m considering canceling my account.

I haven?t been for a hike or a bike ride since I started playing the game. And while I want to say that I have the willpower to limit my time in the game, I know it simply isn?t true. For starters, the game is awesome. That in itself is enough to suck me in. However, this is an awesome game based in the Star Wars universe, and for me, that?s like strawberry cheesecake: a combination too tempting to resist. I?ve already paid this month, so I?ll be wielding my laser-rifle for another 3 weeks or so. After that, we?ll have to see.

I?m working on adding an addition to the website here to list the scores of the games for Western New Mexico University. Actually, I might have more grandiose plans than a little sports section, but I need to speak with Archon about that. Anyhoo, I?m still plugging along on some articles and some reviews. I know I keep saying that, but progress is being made. Maybe if I focused on one, I could get it finished. Instead, I?m jumping around between them all, based on what I feel like working on. Boy, if I did homework like that, we’d be in for an interesting semester here, lemme tell you. Heck, I?d love to take that philosophy when I consider which bills to pay.

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