Nobody Loves Me

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Avelino has been AWOL. That?s right folks, Away With Out Leave. I?ve neglected this little chunk of cyberspace that I call mine, and there?s no excuse for it. Sure, I?ll say that school has started again, and that is eating into my time. Or, I could say that the new job I took on is another burden. I?ve already tried using the ?I was playing Star Wars Galaxies? excuse, but you?re used to that, so I won?t do that anymore.

I?ve been absent, for so long I think, because I?ve lost a lot of the motivation I once had for doing this site. I have a blast, and part of me thinks it is a worthwhile effort. However, constantly I wonder if anybody is ever reading what I write here. For example: during the month of August, the home page was viewed 42 times. Now, a lot of those were from me checking that a news post looked right, so, what the actual number of visitors really was I don?t know. And even if people view the site, Archon is the only person who ever mentions it to me. He?s the only person who tells me straight away that a review or blog entry was really funny.

So, when it comes down to it, I love running this little site. I?ve just run into the problem of ?not enough content.? My sister and Mom both say that there?s never anything here when they come to visit. Apparently, neither of them are interested in the news posts that populate the front page. So, I end up having to call them and let them know I wrote something special before they will come to visit. And even when I do that, they sometimes don?t come. Or, they don?t tell me they did.

So, I was lost as to how to proceed from here. There?s no way I can add something new, besides news posts, every day. That?s just an impossibility. And before there is something appealing here everyday, I doubt people will come to view the site as something they should check out regularly. Like e-mail. People always check their e-mail.

I decided I?m just gonna keep on trucking the way I am. If I post something, I do. If not, oh well. I?m not going to bother telling anybody, since that doesn?t seem to influence traffic to the site whatsoever. Most importantly, I get to write here, like I do nowhere else. And since that is my main ambition at the moment, putting words down, I?m going to rely on that. Because I can?t rely on anything else. So, while I write this to you, and start the blog entry off by saying that I?ve been gone, and apologizing to you, I actually don?t give a damn. Because more than likely, I?ll be the only one reading it anyway.

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