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This afternoon I picked up a few copies of The Mustang, since this was the issue wherein my first story appeared. I had a half-page spread and a picture. Yes, to my resume I can now add ?Published Writer.? To celebrate, I decided to pick up Steven/Archon for some dinner. I offered Wendy?s or Taco Bell, because frankly I?m a cheap bastard.

Steven decided on Taco Bell, so after a quick stop by his mom?s place we headed in that direction. Being a lazy bastard as well as a cheap one, I went for the drive-thru. We were greeted by this recording: ?Welcome to Taco Bell, would you like to try one of our new Cheesy Gordita Crunches? Please order when you?re ready.? Before I could start, the recording was immediately followed by a woman who said, ?One moment, I?ll be right with you.?

This should have been an indication of things to come, but we simply laughed it off. After waiting the customary few moments, the woman returned and asked what we would like to order. I said I wanted a Cheesy Gordita Crunch combo with an extra Cheesy Gordita Crunch. The woman on the other end of the microphone then proceeded to try and sway me from that choice, saying that the “You don’t want that, it?s just a gordita wrapped around a taco.?

I looked over at Steven in disbelief. The woman was actually trying to dissuade me from purchasing their special, the very item their opening recording had been pushing. I turned back to the box, and said clearly ?I want a Cheesy Gordita Crunch combo, with an extra Cheesy Gordita Crunch.? I was sure to speak slowly, pronouncing each syllable carefully to ensure she understood me. She told me the price, to which I replied ?one moment, there?s more.?

Once I had Steven?s order, a #10 with a Coke, I relayed it through the microphone. ?One moment? she said. Again, I looked over at Steven in astonishment. I waited a minute, and then repeated the order. ?One moment please? was the reply. She had already started taking the order, and now was suddenly so overwhelmed she couldn?t continue? Steven simply said, ?Let?s go to Wendy?s man.?

We went to Wendy?s, and of course our order was messed up. They forgot my chicken nuggets and left the tomato on Steven?s chicken sandwich. I guess it just wasn?t our night for fast food.

The site has gone through another tiny redesign, and Archon has informed me that the Stasistech main page should be good to go by Friday. I?m sure you?re all looking forward to seeing the completed product.

As far as things around here are concerned, I should have the links section up and running Friday morning. I decided against images, and instead will focus solely on text. I haven?t had the time to work on any reviews lately, but as soon as the SlimX and Scarlet?s Walk reviews are finished I?ll post them. The SlimX review might be on the main Stasistech page, but we?ll see how that works out. The articles section will be a kind of potpourri bin where I put things that don?t have a home elsewhere. Like my pet raccoon, Bernard, and Jimmy the Smelly Sock.

Yeah, I know: it?s late.

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